Top limousine manufacturers in the United States

As a country with one of the strongest industries in the world, the U.S. has no shortage of manufacturers big and small – with their ultra-luxurious products that only the privileged can afford, limousine manufacturers certainly fall into the ‘big’ category.

If you’re gunning for a fancy limousine, be it for personal or professional use, your first step should be familiarizing yourself with some of the States’ top limousine manufacturers and what they offer to their customers. Not satisfied with the companies on this list? No problem – there’s plenty more to choose from, although you’ll have to do your own research.

Top Limousine Manufacturers

Some examples of top american limo brands include:

Cadillac: One of our most exclusive limousine manufacturers, Caddy has no shortage of limousines fitting different needs – from stretchers to CUVs, you’ll have no trouble finding something to your fancy. If you’re buying new, you’ll be looking at around $70,000-$90,000 for an Escalade SUV to well over $100,000 for a 70″ XTS stretch limo. Not exactly a cheap ride, but what else could one expect to pay for a premium limo?

Every Cadillac limo comes in around a dozen different packages that can alter the price by as much as $20,000. Escalades mainly differ in terms of engine drive (2WD or 4WD), with the rest of the packages offering anything from color displays to improved theft locks.

As for the company’s stretch limo models, you can choose to have them equipped with various extravagant features like multiple variations of improved lighting, beverage coolers, ‘command center’ controls in either the front or the rear and so forth, while examples of functional upgrades can include better brakes or improved heating and air conditioning.

Whichever model and package you choose, you aren’t likely to regret going for the tried-and-true Caddy luxury.

Chrysler: Another prestigious U.S. automobile manufacturer, Chrysler lacks a luxury CUV on Escalade’s level but compensates by having one of the best stretch limousines on the market in the many variations of its 300 model.

For a personal vehicle or single-passenger transportation, you can opt for the standard 300 sedan in one of its many packages: the performance-oriented 300S, the all-around 300C or the premium 300C Platinum. For a new non-stretch 300, you’ll be paying somewhere between $30,000-$40,000 depending on the model and the packages you choose – 18-20″ inch wheels, steering wheel heating and shift control, heated backseats and more.

If you’re looking to get a ‘proper’ executive limo, you can go for a 300 stretched by either 70″ or 120″ with all the luxurious perks that these types of cars provide. Most of these are ordered custom based on the packages you’d prefer (transmission type, lighting, LCD screens, sound systems, rims and tires, heating…), although you can find a used one in great condition for as little as $70,000.

Plenty of foreign brands also manufacture their limos in the U.S. – Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and so forth, and you can always choose to opt for one of these instead. However, many find that there’s something about All-American limos making them more luxurious than their European and Japanese counterparts. After all, if it’s good for the President, it’s good for us, right?


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