Best places online to find deals on 18-wheeler trucks

While expensive, 18-wheeler trucks can be a great investment – the transportation business isn’t going anywhere, and there’s never any shortage of demand for quality freight services.

Of course, a big part of every trade is having the right tools for the job, and transportation services are no different. Well, there’s only one tool needed, but it’s a big one – the menacing and powerful king of the road known as the 18-wheeler trucks.

To help you get a good deal on one of these trucks, we’ve rounded up some places online that let you get a premium on these beasts without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Deals on 18-wheeler trucks and Straightforward website names hide some terrific deals on all sorts of used trucks and trailers. What’s great about these sites (different layouts but same deals) is their no-nonsense approach: there’s a clear price tag on every vehicle and accessory they’re selling, so you’ll immediately know whether what you’re looking at fits your budget.

The prices are fairly varied, ranging from $15,000 for older models all the way to $150,000 for the newest and most powerful ones. Expensive, yes, but keep in mind that these trucks aren’t some shabby broken-down pieces of metal that will be lucky to have a couple more runs in them – many of them are almost as good as those fresh out of a store.

Other than trucks themselves, the sites also feature plenty of trailers and similar accessories for transporting oil, lumber, frozen goods or anything else you could think of. As is the case with 18-wheeler trucks, the accessories are reasonably-priced and in great shape, making the sites worth checking for all your trucking needs. There’s also a credit application form that helps you get the financing you need to achieve your dreams of becoming a big rig driver. While your first thought upon seeing this site is probably “There’s no way these guys have 50,000 trucks on sale!”, you might find yourself reconsidering as soon as you go through their inventory.

With twenty-some brands for trucks and trailers each, you’ll have no trouble finding a truck or trailer that has your name on it. The sheer amount of brands featured is impressive enough already, but wait ’til you realize that some of them feature over 200 trucks in mint condition and at affordable prices. Like on the sites above, vehicles are as varied as they can be. Some are from the early 90s, others are as new as 2015 – some are better suited for light transportation while others can ferry multi-ton cargo without breaking a sweat.

Also like on the previous sites, features detailed information on virtually every truck on sale so that you can have a great idea of what you’re looking at without even having to dial the appropriate number. When you aren’t looking for entire trucks, the site is also a great stop to find truck and trailer parts, including some of the more obscure ones – if what you’re looking for isn’t listed, there’s a request form that should get you whatever’s necessary to make your truck shine in no time.

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