Top freight companies to use for shipping in the United States

You could think of importing and exporting as the basis of trade – humanity wouldn’t be where it is if we didn’t figure out a way to get goods from one part of the globe to another in a short amount of time.

If you’re looking to do some serious imports (and exports) yourself, you probably don’t have the time to sit behind a wheel for 12 hours a day or more, which is why you’ll want to do business with a freight company that specializes in shipping to, from and across the United States.

There’s plenty of these out there – after all, all it takes is a truck, a driver’s and import license and some extra time. Yet the service one company provides can be a far cry from that of another, so you’d do well to familiarize yourself with the biggest players in the biz and seeing which one of them suits your needs best.

Here’s an overview of some of our top freight companies and what they offer to different individuals and organizations.

Freight companies in the United States

XPO Logistics: A big player in the field, XPO does it all, from freight brokerage to supply chain maintenance to global delivery. The last part will be very important for some business owners – not many freight companies are able to offer transportation on the same level that XPO does while boasting a global reach. If you find yourself needing to ship goods to Europe or Asia, XPO is a company you’ll definitely want to look at if not outright choose. Yet another perk of doing business with XPO is that they offer full tracking for every package they transport, letting you know exactly where your goods are and when you can expect their arrival.

J.B. Hunt: One of our best freight companies, J.B. Hunt specializes in transportation around the U.S., Canada and Mexico. While their choice of covered areas can seem limited, their service is anything but: truckload, flatbed and refrigeration transports are just some examples of what J.B. excels at. Depending on what you need, the company can offer to transport your goods via truck, train or ship, each tailored specifically to the type of cargo being ferried. As would be expected from such an enterprise, XPO offers full package tracking no matter where you’re shipping, eliminating any worry you could have about the present location of your goods (not that you should be worrying much when doing business with such a respectable company).

The Reliance Network: Another huge freight company, The Reliance Network consists of six different freight companies (Averitt, Mountain Valley Express, PITT OHIO, LME, Peninsula Truck Lines and Canadian Freightways Kingway) brought together to provide quality transportation throughout North America and Latin America as well as the rest of the world. Each of the six companies is renowned for their dedication and is highly unlikely to let you down regardless of the size of your business. Aside from a superb customer service, TRN is also notable for handling the transportation for some giant multi-national enterprises like Toshiba and doing a great job of it while remaining a great choice for smaller businesses who need to ship or receive goods from afar.

Best places online to find deals on 18-wheeler trucks

While expensive, 18-wheeler trucks can be a great investment – the transportation business isn’t going anywhere, and there’s never any shortage of demand for quality freight services.

Of course, a big part of every trade is having the right tools for the job, and transportation services are no different. Well, there’s only one tool needed, but it’s a big one – the menacing and powerful king of the road known as the 18-wheeler trucks.

To help you get a good deal on one of these trucks, we’ve rounded up some places online that let you get a premium on these beasts without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Deals on 18-wheeler trucks and Straightforward website names hide some terrific deals on all sorts of used trucks and trailers. What’s great about these sites (different layouts but same deals) is their no-nonsense approach: there’s a clear price tag on every vehicle and accessory they’re selling, so you’ll immediately know whether what you’re looking at fits your budget.

The prices are fairly varied, ranging from $15,000 for older models all the way to $150,000 for the newest and most powerful ones. Expensive, yes, but keep in mind that these trucks aren’t some shabby broken-down pieces of metal that will be lucky to have a couple more runs in them – many of them are almost as good as those fresh out of a store.

Other than trucks themselves, the sites also feature plenty of trailers and similar accessories for transporting oil, lumber, frozen goods or anything else you could think of. As is the case with 18-wheeler trucks, the accessories are reasonably-priced and in great shape, making the sites worth checking for all your trucking needs. There’s also a credit application form that helps you get the financing you need to achieve your dreams of becoming a big rig driver. While your first thought upon seeing this site is probably “There’s no way these guys have 50,000 trucks on sale!”, you might find yourself reconsidering as soon as you go through their inventory.

With twenty-some brands for trucks and trailers each, you’ll have no trouble finding a truck or trailer that has your name on it. The sheer amount of brands featured is impressive enough already, but wait ’til you realize that some of them feature over 200 trucks in mint condition and at affordable prices. Like on the sites above, vehicles are as varied as they can be. Some are from the early 90s, others are as new as 2015 – some are better suited for light transportation while others can ferry multi-ton cargo without breaking a sweat.

Also like on the previous sites, features detailed information on virtually every truck on sale so that you can have a great idea of what you’re looking at without even having to dial the appropriate number. When you aren’t looking for entire trucks, the site is also a great stop to find truck and trailer parts, including some of the more obscure ones – if what you’re looking for isn’t listed, there’s a request form that should get you whatever’s necessary to make your truck shine in no time.

Top limousine manufacturers in the United States

As a country with one of the strongest industries in the world, the U.S. has no shortage of manufacturers big and small – with their ultra-luxurious products that only the privileged can afford, limousine manufacturers certainly fall into the ‘big’ category.

If you’re gunning for a fancy limousine, be it for personal or professional use, your first step should be familiarizing yourself with some of the States’ top limousine manufacturers and what they offer to their customers. Not satisfied with the companies on this list? No problem – there’s plenty more to choose from, although you’ll have to do your own research.

Top Limousine Manufacturers

Some examples of top american limo brands include:

Cadillac: One of our most exclusive limousine manufacturers, Caddy has no shortage of limousines fitting different needs – from stretchers to CUVs, you’ll have no trouble finding something to your fancy. If you’re buying new, you’ll be looking at around $70,000-$90,000 for an Escalade SUV to well over $100,000 for a 70″ XTS stretch limo. Not exactly a cheap ride, but what else could one expect to pay for a premium limo?

Every Cadillac limo comes in around a dozen different packages that can alter the price by as much as $20,000. Escalades mainly differ in terms of engine drive (2WD or 4WD), with the rest of the packages offering anything from color displays to improved theft locks.

As for the company’s stretch limo models, you can choose to have them equipped with various extravagant features like multiple variations of improved lighting, beverage coolers, ‘command center’ controls in either the front or the rear and so forth, while examples of functional upgrades can include better brakes or improved heating and air conditioning.

Whichever model and package you choose, you aren’t likely to regret going for the tried-and-true Caddy luxury.

Chrysler: Another prestigious U.S. automobile manufacturer, Chrysler lacks a luxury CUV on Escalade’s level but compensates by having one of the best stretch limousines on the market in the many variations of its 300 model.

For a personal vehicle or single-passenger transportation, you can opt for the standard 300 sedan in one of its many packages: the performance-oriented 300S, the all-around 300C or the premium 300C Platinum. For a new non-stretch 300, you’ll be paying somewhere between $30,000-$40,000 depending on the model and the packages you choose – 18-20″ inch wheels, steering wheel heating and shift control, heated backseats and more.

If you’re looking to get a ‘proper’ executive limo, you can go for a 300 stretched by either 70″ or 120″ with all the luxurious perks that these types of cars provide. Most of these are ordered custom based on the packages you’d prefer (transmission type, lighting, LCD screens, sound systems, rims and tires, heating…), although you can find a used one in great condition for as little as $70,000.

Plenty of foreign brands also manufacture their limos in the U.S. – Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and so forth, and you can always choose to opt for one of these instead. However, many find that there’s something about All-American limos making them more luxurious than their European and Japanese counterparts. After all, if it’s good for the President, it’s good for us, right?


Best companies for tree service equipment

Are you starting a tree service company or are just looking to fill your tool shed with some useful items that will let you take care of your trees regularly? Tree service equipment is pretty straightforward, but it still pays to know the best manufacturer of each tool so that you don’t experience any malfunctions or let-downs when the going gets tough.

Here are some of the best companies for tree service equipment grouped based on tool type.

Tree Service Equipment Companies

Shears, prunes and scissors: If you’re looking for a perfect blend of professional and affordable, you might want to consider Fiskars as your company of choice. Their inventory of manual tree service tools and accessories is impressive: from quality bypass pruners for as little as $10 to powerful shears from $20 onwards to $40 stick pruners that let you reach those tall troubled branches without issues, Fiskars never seems to run out of top-notch pruning equipment.

Of course, you need one of these…

If you’re a tree service professional, you’ll want to focus on the pro versions of their tools (which are still affordable however you look at it): $30 for professional pruners and $80 for specialized manual saws hardly seems like a huge expense.

Fiskars also sells sets of tree service equipment that are geared towards the average individual with average needs who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of finding out exactly what tools are necessary for proper pruning. Their sets go from around $150 and generally include a pruner, an all-around saw and some sticks to cut the far-out branches down. As mentioned, if you’re a professional, you’ll definitely want to handpick each tool to get the most out of your trade.

Chainaws: Can’t leave home without a quality saw if you’re a tree service contractor (except for, you know, whenever you’re not on the job). There are multiple chainsaws every professional should have in their inventory depending on the type of tree they’re cutting down, although the battle of the brands generally comes down to Stihl and Husqvarna.

For an all-purpose pro chainsaw, you’ll want to look at the $600 Husqvarna 500 XP that will cut down even the most menacing trees with ease – there’s also the more affordable yet still ultra-powerful Stihl MS 251 going for around $400 brand-new. For specialized chainsaws, consider the maintenance-oriented Stihl MS 193 with a short ‘surgery’ blade priced at around $350 and also a mechanical pole pruner like Stihl’s HT 101 that can go for as much as $600.

The tools listed above should form the basis of your tree service equipment, although there’s one more ‘tool’ to consider for those looking for a full kit…

Stump grinder: Once you’ve chopped those trees down, your customers will probably want you to do away with the stumps as well. To accomplish this difficult task, you’ll need an expensive and powerful stump grinder machine.

The prices of these can vary, although you can generally count on them being the most expensive purchase your company makes – anywhere from $1,500 for a push model like DR’s Premier all the way to $15,000 for something like Carlton’s self-propelled monster, the 4012.